The Feline Edition: Meow!

River Island coat  //  Ebay Feline T-Shirt  //  BikBok skirt  //  Burgundy Era Vans

I thought to do a 'Throwback Thursday' post and show you an outfit I put together last summer for my previous blog Everyday Vogue. Back in those days I had a crazy ombre going on, hehe. 

Form outfit point of view.. Love it! It was very hot last summer, but in the chilly evenings me and Sindija were fighting over that lush River Island coat. And speaking about Feline T-Shirt … now it's my favourite PJ top. It's just so cosy and soft and I am one of those girls that wants to look adorable also in her PJs. I might order another one for casual ware. 

Any thoughts and ideas? Let me know if you would like to see something more from my previous blog or just leave the past in the past! I wish you all a lovely weekend and speak soon, have something fun prepared for you! 

Marta x

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