Be fearless - Festive Makeup Look

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas spent together with your closest and dearest people. Mine sure was funny and a little bit tipsy. I also made my first ever banoffee pie and it was simply de-li-ci-ous!  

As you may have noticed I always like to play up plane Jane everyday face or outfit. A simple cat eye just doesn't cut it for me anymore, I crave for MORE! And since my wardrobe mostly consist of black and white I feel like a vampy lipstick or a glittery eye is the only why how I can naturally incorporate some sparkle and colour into my look. 

For this weeks post I decided to show you a typical festive look with a dark lip and a twist, ahaaa! Yes, and the twist is fairly simple. To make this look pop and to attract more attention to your lovely eyes simply line your waterline with a very bright coloured pencil. Lately I've been loving this Contour Clubbing pencil by Bourjois. If I'm honest I've been loving anything blue and shiny so there is no surprise that I snatched this baby of the shelf as soon as I laid my eyes on it.

Now you might say it's not traditional or these colours won't suit each other and in general it just looks off..but wait! At the end of the day it's all about your confidence and what makes you feel the most fearless and fierce (the double F, add flawless for extra F). I'm sure there are plenty of people in this world that will try to let you down or call you names just because you're not afraid to be you. And you know what? Shame on them for fearing their desires, wishes and dreams. 

Getting philosophical eh? 

Marta x


  1. Gorgeous makeup! You look great


  2. Hi Marta!
    You have huuuuge amazing eyes!


  3. lovely, pretty makeup! Love the blue liner :)

    stop by for a chat, if you like ♥

    1. Thanks! Have a look here how I did it


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