Lazy Girls guide to Early Mornings

Oh mornings…  How to tackle them, how to survive those horrible early beginnings. I'm definitely NOT a morning person, but I've managed to find some life hacks that make them more bearable and also lets you stay in the bed for those extra precious 5 minutes.

Plan your outfit & makeup the night before
I tend to dress according to my mood and the weather outside, but when it comes to work attire mood is not an option. Even though, I don't have a really strict dress code at my job, I still need to look put together and professional. Planning an outfit and makeup on the spot is really hard ('I have noting to wear moments' happen way too often), therefore, why not plan them the night before or go back to outfits you wore couple of weeks ago? The same applies to makeup.

Multi tasking products
Multi tasking is the best thing you can do in the mornings! For example, tinted moisturiser or a lip/check stain. I tend to use my foundation as a concealer as well and my bronzer or brow powder as eyeshadow. Makeup takes the most time, so finding cleaver ways to use your products in more than one way is also a great opportunity to make the most of your money.

Wash your hair the night before
It's always nice to have freshly washed hair at the beginning of a long day, but think about the time it takes up. My suggestion, do it the night before! You'll have not only enough time to feed your hair with a mask and give it a good blow-dry, but also it's so much easier to manage hair that is not completely fresh out of the shower. 

Quick but tasty breakfast
Ok, I'm not the one to talk about breakfast, because I tend to simple skip this essential meal. This doesn't mean you should do the same. Lately I've been trying to improve my daily life by adding more fruit and berries into my diet and breakfast would be perfect for it! Have a banana on the go or chuck some strawberries into your fave granola and BOOM. Easy, quick and a great boost of energy!

Tea/coffee/water on the go 
As I work in a restaurant/bar, I get tea and coffee at work, but most of you might not. Be sure to invest in a cute to-go cup and take your hot drinks with you. The same applies to water. We are supposed to drink at least 2L of water daily, so that first glass in the morning is essential. 

Marta x


  1. Great advice! I know I try to plan and do as much as I can the night before so I can sleep in


  2. I do the same thing where I get my outfit out the day before I go to school. I always got nagged by my mom about it but then it came in handy! Secondly, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)


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