Peacock Blue Craziness

I have a problem. Yes, it's a hair problem, but not necessarily a bad one. Some might say I'm not being practical, some may say I am misunderstood by my generation or you might think 'what the hell is she doing'. 

As one of my lovely Christmas gifts I received Crazy Colour semi permanent dye in Peacock Blue. Thanks to my friend and partner in crime Brodie I now have a green/blue/weird coloured ombre! 

First step was to cut off majority of my hair. Ok, I'm being a bit dramatic over here… hehe I have a small frame, so too much hair just feels a bit heavy and over powering. And to be fair it was about time, from all the bleaching my ends were freaking dead. 

Ask anyone, for maximum colour it's suggested to apply it on white/blonde hair. So naturally my second step was to once again bleach the hell out of my hair. After that all you need to do is apply Crazy Colour dye to towel dried hair, leave it for 15 - 20 minutes and BOOM! 

I AM IN LOVE! I wanted to dye my hair greenish blue for such a long time now and finally I did it. Better later then never, eh? Obviously, I have to be a bit more careful with my outfit choices, but I mostly wear black and white anyway.  It didn't make my hair feeling dry or fake and it's a nice gradient colour. I just can't seem to stop coming up with more crazy ideas… 

Marta x


  1. Love your hair!


    1. Thanks Mel, glad you like it :) A bit unusual for me, but now totally in love!

  2. Tu taču pirms tam nebalināji to daļu, kas pārtapusi zaļa, vai ne?
    ļoti forši. I like it. Man arī tādi būs kādu dienu. :D

    1. Balināju gan, ahaha! Man jau pirms tam bija mazliet ombre, takā nebija ilgi jābalina. Es varu atļauties, daudz un biezi mati. Pamēģini, nenožēlosi! Mans ieteikums ir nopirkt labu matu masku un lietot uzreiz pēc krāsošanas, nejutīsi atšķirību :)

    2. Man līdzīgi ar matiem. Nesen izbalināju, bet vispār nejūt, ka balināti, jo ir veselīgi, gludi un spīdīgi. :D
      Bet, jā, man no šī gada sāksies dažādi krāsu eksperimenti ar matiem, jo pārāk garlaicīgi ar vienveidīgiem matiem visu laiku dzīvot, hah

    3. Super, gaidu rezultātu ar nepacietību!!!

  3. It looks quite fantastic! I just love your hair in general. ;)

    ♥ | | xoxo


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