The Bun

I'm not that kind of a girl that likes to have her hair all tied up. My childhood consisted of braids and as soon as my mom allowed me to cut my hair, I never went back to braiding. I can assure you, you will never see braids in my hair. But I didn't say anything about a fancy bun…

As my hair is half green, I try to wash it less than before to make it last longer. This means loads of dry shampoo and loads of fluffy ponytails. Today felt like I should try something I new, so I went for a bun, dark lips, no eye makeup and a floral dress. Breaking the rules, eh? 

A good up-do screams for good accessories and this ear cuff is the ideal match. Very settle, but adds an instant statement. I've also fallen in love with geometrical rings, so nowadays I have more rings than shoes (that is an achievement). 

Oh, say hello to my favourite cup and the biggest addiction ATM - tea.

Marta x

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  1. Cute hair and dress



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