The day after: how to survive hangover

Not that long ago I posted Lazy Girls Guide to Early Mornings featuring some life hacks I think are really useful in my daily life. I personally find these kind of posts very helpful and also a lot of fun to write. Sharing is caring as they say and I'm ready to share my wisdom with you! 

Let's face it, I'm young, I do go out and I do get drunk. Couple of years ago I could survive the day after without a single complication, but as the years roll by my hangover seems to be getting worse and worse. That feeling when you really, really, I mean REALLY don't want to leave your house… Well, I've been extra clever and accumulated couple of tips and tricks to share with you that help surviving the day after consequences.

You need food
Eating resolves half of the problems instantly! Make sure it's something really nice and makes your tummy go crazy in a good way. Food gives you energy and will help survive the day, especially if you're about to work! This is the perfect way to give your body that tiny bit of extra energy to get rid of all the horrible toxins consumed the night before. 

H2O for the win
The main reason we feel like poop the next day is because alcohol massively dehydrates our body, therefore the headache, the feeling of being powerless and the regret of that last tequila shot… Anywayz, try to drink lots and lots of water. Half of the time my headache disappears straight away after I've downed 2 pints of water. 

Painkiller is not your enemy
I don't know how it was in your family, but we rarely took any medication for anything and I was raised with a thought that painkillers are literally killers and a total taboo. Now I know that's all a lie and painkiller is your best friend. There is no point to suffer, make your life easier.

Sleep is key
Try to get as much rest as possible. This is the time when your body is healing itself, so all your aches and pains will disappear if you simply get some more sleep! If you're anything like me and you cannot fall asleep after a mad one the night before, simply rest. Put on some chill out background music, close your blinds, shut your eyes and just relax.

So fresh, so clean
After food, painkillers, sleep and all that while drinking loads of water it's time to make yourself feel even more human by taking either a bath or a nice shower. Cold or lukewarm showers are the best cure as they wake you up and also shrink your blood vessels which means all the toxins won't spread as fast or as badly as they would like to. Sometimes for us girls a simple shower and few strokes of mascara is enough to feel fab again.


  1. Esmu dzirdējusi, ka pie visām šīm darbībām klāt vēl nāk buljona dzeršana. mm

    1. Ooooo jāāāāā, bet te Anglijā grūti dabūt kaut ko garšīgu..


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