Tips for Healthier Skin

I've never really struggled with my skin, it was always normal and didn't really break out that bad. Even through my teenage years I didn't suffer of bad hormonal acne. I know that my mom never had a single spot after her puberty ended, so I guess it's my great genes I should thank!
This winter took a turn on my skin and it changed completely. From normal I went to very dry skin type, especially around my eyes and forehead as mentioned in this post. I started to get tiny little red spots on my cheeks and around my eyebrows. Basically, it was bad and I wanted to cry and this had to change!
Last night I noticed my skin situation is much better and healthier. I still have a bit of work and healing ahead of me and those annoying little spots are not willing to go away without a fight. This made me think that there must be more people in this world with a similar or the same problem as I had and I would like to share my tips how to improve your skin and make your life a bit easier.

Drink plenty of water
Seriously, water is key! I don't really drink any juices or fizzy drinks, but I drank minimal amounts of water as well, therefore, my skin was quite dehydrated. What a stupid move during harsh winter times… I majorly increased my water intake about 2 weeks ago and I am sure this has made the biggest impact on my skin being more healthy. 

Makeup has to go, ladies 
I know, after a long day at work or a night out all you want to do is to put on your fave pjs and simply pass out in the bed. I used to do that, not gonna lie, but I stopped. I also started wearing less makeup during the day making its easier and faster to remove in the evenings, so there are no excuses. To remove my makeup I use Soap and Glory Drama Clean Micellar Cleansing Water.

Good moisturiser is key to success
Just because I had normal skin type I never really cared about my moisturiser as it didn't make a big difference. It was more like a thing I thought I have to do rather than doing it for a reason. As soon as my skin situation changed I instantly invested in good quality moisturisers. My first fave is definitely Khiels Eye Treatment with Avocado, it's simply divine and I love the texture. Soap and Glory have proved to work amazingly with my skin and I consider their Multi-Active Moisture Lotion as my holy grail product. 

Plenty of rest and let your skin breath
Even though we are living in the 21st century and our schedules are very busy and it is really hard to just stop and breath sometimes! Even though, I am quite ill at the moment and my sleep is more for recovery than beauty, I feel like it has made a difference. As mentioned before I tend not to wear as much makeup as I used to. Make sure you let your skin have some days off from makeup and breath.

Invest into your beauty
Not that I never invested into good makeup, but my mistake was to use makeup that was damagingg to my skin. For example, Revlon Colour Stay kept breaking me out, but I would simply smudge more on to hide them rather then just changing to something different. Nowadays I use my Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation which is quite gentle, light and gives extra moisture to my skin during the day. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. I think water and sleep is number one tip :)


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