Brand in Review: Soap and Glory Skincare
I've never been too excited about skincare products, but I guess as my 23rd birthday approaches and the inevitable ageing is upon me, skincare is especially important. 
Anywayz, Soap and Glory is a well known brand not only for its amazingly cute packaging, but also because their products are very good! My first ever Soap and Glory product was their Cat Eye liquid liner and I haven't changed to anything else ever since. After such a successful first impression I thought why not try their skincare line. Since then I've tried more of their products and I am ready to share my thoughts with you.
For Daily Youth Moisturiser - lightweight moisturiser with a peach scent. At first I thought it does nothing and acts just as a quick remedy. Boy, I was wrong. After using this product for more than 3 weeks I really noticed the difference. My skin is smoother and my dry patches have disappeared. I guess it's one of those products you have to be patient with and give it more time to actually work some magic.
The Greatest Scrub Of All - honestly not my favourite scrub as it is quite harsh on the skin. I haven't really noticed big difference with it and it doesn't give me the same smooth feel after scrubbing which I have after using my scrub from Lush. 
Drama Clean Micellar Water - has a lovely peachy scent like most of Soap and Glory products. I do enjoy micellar waters more than any other makeup removing product. It's refreshing and really cleanses my skin, but, unfortunately, can't remove mascara as much as I would like to. Sometimes soaking a cotton pad with the product and resting it on your eye for a minute does the trick, but lets be real, ain't nobody got time for that!
Peaches and Clean Cleanser - my most recent purchase. It's a really creamy everyday cleanser and feels super smooth and gentle on the skin. I've used it for only a week now, but I can say it's definitely a staple in my everyday routine. I love when a cleanser gives you that clean feeling without being too harsh and Peaches and Clean does it. Also, it has a wonderful scent of peaches, what a great way to start the day! 

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