The White and Sparkly Technique

Because of my health issues and other bits and bobs I wasn't really enjoying myself the past couple of weeks, but today was different. I'm in a process of changing my hair colour (coming soon), planning my summer holidays and a great bday bash. In other words I'm on my way to a successful recovery and I am returning to my old meowing self. 

I was going out the night before and felt like I need to spend loads of time on myself, do something different, try something new. White eyeliner has been out there for ages and I mostly used for my waterline whenever I wanted that ideal cat eye. This time I used it instead of my signature black eyeliner.

I 'm quite satisfied with the outcome, otherwise you wouldn't see it now, hehe. I used double ended pencil by Topshop, but unfortunately it doesn't have a name and it's also unavailable online. The sparkly liner is from Collections. Sometimes it stings my eyes, but it's nothing unbearable. Lemme know what you think! 


  1. Wow, looks really great! But not on my I guess :)

    Aure from - your skincare app

    1. Don't say that if you haven't tried it ;)

  2. Girl, you have such a gentle appearance! And I love how you made this make up <3


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