Shiny Eyes My Style

One does not simply find ones favourite way to do eye makeup and not share it with the club. Recently I've been loving shiny eyes and really nude or bare lips. Here is the twist, I do it in a different way, application wise. 

I concentrate on my eyes and lashes and then highlighting my cheeks and nose as well as cupids bow. For a night time just slap more contouring on and maybe even a darker lip and false lashes. Simple yet effective look fo sho.

Light pink - this is where you put your sparkly, shiny or metallic eyeshadow. Concentrate on the inner tear duck and around it rather than the whole eyelid. My favourites are NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yoghurt and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Ethernal Gold.

Dark pink - contouring your eyes for this particular look is very important, otherwise everything seems 2 diminutional and just blah. I tend to go for neutral greys instead of browns, so that the gold shimmer can shine through even more. Besides, brown can be a bit too heavy sometimes.

I finish it all off with loads of bronzer over my face and loads and loads of highlighting. I use Instant Radiance Highlighter by No.7 and it is definitely becoming a holy grail item for me.


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