Festival Essentials

I know I might be a bit late on that festival bandwagon, but I am going to one in a week, so it's still fresh and current for me! I've seen so many "What to wear" and "How much glitter is too much" posts, but none of them were actually practical. So, here is my festival essentials for you practical people.

Dry shampoo is a definite must! My hair tends to get really greasy in the speed of light during the hot summer months. Nothing is more annoying than a huge grease ball instead of nice manageable ponytail or braid. I started using dry shampoos only a few months ago and my favourite is Batiste Dry Shampoo with Hint of Colour, because it is actually created for brunettes and doesn't leave a nasty white residue. 
Let's be completely honest, festivals are probably the only time when it is socially acceptable not to take a shower every evening. You need to improvise and that is when you turn to baby wipes. Yes, they are as good as a fresh shower and will make you feel instantly radiant… Ok, that is not entirely true, but you get the idea.
When you're going to a festival, you know you have to prepare yourself for any possible weather. Even if the forecast is saying sunshine 24/7, you know it's not true. I usually pack a pair of comfy wellies and nice knee high socks, therefore, I'm being practical and fashionable at the same time. 

Festivals are that one time of the year (except Halloween) when you can go all out and put loads of crap on your face and in your hair. I personally think that glitter and temporary tattoos are a necessity for a style statement. First of all, you will feel awesome. Secondly, when else do you do crap like that?
Ok, now back to reality. Things happen, injuries and cuts are totally normal and predictable. This is one of the essentials no one usually thinks about, but for me a first aid kit is a total must. It should have bandaids, some painkillers, just the regular every day stuff just in case. Also, your friends will love you even more when they wake up to a painkiller the next day. 

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