Flashback Friday: Everyday Vogue outfits

Well, well, well, look what I found! Some of you might know that before This is Simply Me I had another blog with my friend Kirsten (you can see her guest post here) and we mostly did outfit posts. I was smart and managed to save some of the pictures from the outfits we put together.

It's bizarre to look at them now and know where we both are at the moment. I'm in the UK, she's in Belgium. We still talk almost every single day and try to see each other every 6 months or so. We still confide in each other and her opinion is very important to me.

Then the way we dress. My sense of style was majorly influenced by Eastern Europe and the fact that we couldn't get any nice or interesting looking pieces of clothing for a reasonable price. It was a struggle, but I think I was still looking for the right thing for me. To be honest, what the hell was I thinking? 

Can't really tell you about Kirsten as I always seen her as an inspiration and always admired her sense of style. She is really feminine and classy, while I'm a bit more weird. Ha.

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