My take on Coppery Eyeshadow

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that lipstick and no eyeshadow is my go to look. Well, that has changed now, what a surprise! All because of Lily Melrose (click for her blog here). A while ago she posted a video on her everyday makeup which featured coppery eyes and a nude lipstick.

I got my Lorac Pro palette about a month ago and it has one of the most beautiful shimmery coppery eyeshadow shades in it, so I simply had to try out Lily's look myself. Conclusion? Yes, yes and once more yes! First of all, it makes my blue eyes stand out even more, which is always a big plus. Second of all, it's is easy and fast! 

All I did was take my massive Eco Tools eyeshadow brush and apply the shadow all over my lid, added shimmery gold colour on the inner part of the lid for highlight and a bot of dark brown for contouring. Of course, I had to cake up my lashes as much as possible, but that's just my personal preference. Perfect for a busy bee like me - minimal effort with maximum effect. 

Let me know what you think, is it good, is it bad? What are your must have eyeshadow shades? 

P.S. My camera died and I have managed to misplace my charger, so didn't manage to take proper close up pictures, so I do apologise. 

1 comment:

  1. Your eyes, girl! Wow! And the copper colour truly brings out the best in them! Will sure try it out myself!

    Emma xx


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