Lou Lou's Vintage Fair Bristol Edition

Last weekend I made my friend Sindi get out of her bed after a long night out and accompany me to Lou Lou's Vintage Fair. We got there before midday which means our entry ticket was only £3 and we stepped in the world of vintage fashion, home ware and nicknacks. 

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair is award winning vintage fair and they visit cities all over the UK with more than 40 of the UK's best vintage traders, a kitsch tea party with cake and a vintage beauty parlour. 

It wasn't as busy as I initially expected, but arriving early guaranteed that the best pieces will still be hanging on the rails and rails of clothing. It was a really affordable experience as sometimes vintage clothing can be over priced. We saw jumpers for £5 and dresses were about £15. My favourite stall was the one with all the vintage makeup. It had old school lipsticks, powder compacts and even pill holders. Loads of sequence around and puffy dresses with at least 2 petticoats. 

I seriously believe they thought about everything! Not only you could sink your teeth in a delicious slice of cake and get made into your favourite vintage actress, but you could also listen to some great rockabilly hits played by The Crawlin' Kingsnakes. Needless to say that the atmosphere was on point!

These are the things I came home with. The purple bow tie is probably my favourite of them all. We also got 6 pin up prints for only £25! What a bargain! And that flannel shirt is going to be my favourite on casual Fridays at the office. I also decided that I desperately need a pair of clear lens glasses. Don't know what influenced me, the floral case they came with or the price of just £8. 

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