Maria Nila and how I got pink hair

If you know me at all, this won't be a shock or anything new. I like colour and the more the merrier. But it applies only to my hair. My wardrobe is pretty monochrome. 

I was lusting for pink hair for a while now. I didn't want an opaque pink, but just a sheen to it and maybe a bit more saturated colour closer to the ends. Basically, pink ombre. I was a bit scared about this drastic change, so I kept postponing it to next month. And then the next one.

On my lunch break a couple of days ago I accidentally stumbled upon Maria Nila's product range. She does vegan, paraben and sulphate free products for hair. I was intrigued by her Colour Refresh Hair Masque which comes in apparently 16 different shades (the shop I went to had only 8). Basically, it has a pigment in the product that will enhance your hair colour, whether it is natural or candy floss. 

Firsly, the packaging is so adorable, I'm a sucker for something that is functional and looks nice in my bathroom. Secondly, it actually works! I did what the instructions said, applied the masque and kept it in for about 10 minutes and BOOM! I'm pink now!  

No worries guys, it washes out gradually, so this is perfect for people that want to try something new, but don't really want to make a commitment to anything involving permanent dyes. The product itself smells like bubblegum, has really nice and creamy consistency and actually made my hair silky smooth. 

I'm certain about one thing now, I won't postpone my hair appointment anymore. 

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