Happy Plugs - the review

I've been a loyal user and owner of a pair of Apple earphones for a long time now. They fit my ears perfectly, the sound is good and they came together with my iPhone for free! Couple of weeks ago I noticed that the sound became worse and sometimes my right earphone would simply refuse to work. It was time for a change /insert sad emoji face here/.

I've been following the girls from The Line Up for a while now and this summer their Instagram pages were saturated with promotional images of Happy Plugs. Basically, Happy Plugs are the same old earphones just in various colours including camouflage, silver and gold! 

I opted for the rose gold ones. Little secret, Amazon sells them the cheapest, only £14,99 with next day delivery! Ya welcome. Now onto the review!

The packaging is super adorable and the colour of the earphones is definitely metallic rose gold, just the way I like it. So high five to Happy Plugs for the design and presentation of the product. The sound, however, is not the greatest. It's kinda quiet, but maybe it's just me and my love to loud tunes when I go for a run to keep me motivated. The base line is really poor, but everything else seems to be on point. 

I don't know if it's a curse or a blessing, but my ears are extremely small and it's always a struggle to find earphones that will actually fit. Happy Plugs don't and it's very irritating. I always have to adjust them and feel the need to "push them deeper" for a better fit and a louder sound.

Even though this is just a temporary fix for a bigger issue, I would probably never repurchase these plugs again. I rather pay a bigger price for an average looking product, but with an amazing sound, than for something that looks good and sounds like poop. 

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