Healthy Eating: Kale Crisps

I wanted to try this kale crisp recipe for ages and finally decided today is the day to do it! What else can a girl do on a long and lonely Thursday evening, eh? 

All you need is kale, olive oil, salt and any other seasoning you want to add. I've seen recipes with paprika, pepper and garlic. 

Make sure you wash your kale leaves and dry them completely. Remove the kale leaves from the stem, rip them into bite size pieces and place them on a cooking pan. I used a glass dish as I don't really own any shallow cooking pans… such a domestic goddess! Step 3 is to add a bit of olive oil and seasoning of your choice. I went with salt and garlic, classic! Preheat your oven at 180 celsius on fan setting and cook your kale leaves for approximately 12 minutes. 

They come out looking a bit brown and blah, but the taste is divine! Makes such a perfect snack while watching a movie instead of your regular bag of popcorn. One of my room mates actually came home while I was making these chips and was very surprised that they came out so crunchy and tasted like actual crisps! 

You can easily substitute any chips with kale crisps as well as sprinkle them on the top of your lunchtime salad for an extra texture. Kale is an amazing vegetable, full of iron, vitamin A and has no cholesterol! Bargain! 

Let me know what you think! Would you be able to bid farewell to traditional crisps or kale seems like a big no go?

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