PS I Love You Lip Pencils

My first cruelty free makeup review! Yay! 

For some this will be a really odd choice of makeup line to review, but I feel that so many products with a smaller price tag are simply underrated and need a bit of exposure. I present you, PS I Love You range from Primark. 

Yes, makeup from Primark! When I first saw their makeup stand I instantly thought it will be rubbish and not worth even a pound. What a snob I was! Also, knowing the history of the shop and how cheap their clothing is, I made an assumption that their products MUST be tested on animals. 

After doing a bit of research and contacting Primark directly, I am happy to say that their makeup is actually CRUELTY FREE. This encouraged me to purchase some of their products and let you guys know if it's a nay or yay kind of situation. 

I got intrigued by their lip liner section and purchased 4 completely different shades - classic red, neon pink, muted mauve and brown. Now, their lip pencils don't have names or numbers on them, so  unfortunately I won't be able to tell you which is which. 

Lasting power is great for a £1 lip liner. They are very pigmented and the colours are beautiful. The mauve nude shade is officially my everyday staple and I will definitely repurchase it again. They might make your lips feel a bit dry, but there is nothing a good lip balm won't fix! Application wise - easy as well! The pink liner seemed a bit more dry than the rest, so I actually had to go over my lips a few times before I achieved an opaque colour. Maybe I just grabbed an older pencil, who knows. But for the price, I am very impressed with the colour payoff and the quality of these lip liners. 

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