All I want for Christmas is PURPLE

It's exactly 7 sleeps til Christmas! I'm not a massive fan of this festive time of the year, but always feel obligated to participate - end of term parties, end of the year parties, work parties, Christmas dinners and so on.  

For those that know me a bit longer and are loyal followers of This Is Simply Me will know that I ain't so conventional after all! That's why instead of a classic red lip and false lashes for your next Christmas party, I want to encourage you to try something different. Why not…purple?

I used my Revolution palette. All it took to create this look was 2 shades of purple - a lighter one and a bit darker one in the crease to create some depth. Pretty simple, eh? Of course, apply a bit of eyeliner, loads of mascara and you're done! 

It's much more complicated when it comes to lips. I'm a huge admirer of a purple lip and for this look couldn't decide whether to go with a light and vibrant one or dark and vampy one or maybe even the classic red one? So I showed you them all! Which one you like more? 


  1. Love those purple shades on you and red looks amazing too <3
    xx Ama


    1. Thanks Ama! :) Will defo check your blog out!



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