How to clean a Candle Jar

Don't know about you, but my heart breaks a little when I have to throw away any cute packaging, boxes, jars, you name it. A few months ago I was especially addicted to candles in very distinctive jars with an idea that I might reuse them in some way. The tricky bit was the wax - how to get it out without creating loads of mess around me? 

While Pinteresting this massive issue, I stumbled upon an excellent and simple solution! Fill the jar with boiling hot water and let it sit there for a while. After about 2-3 minutes, take a knife or any other utensil and start ripping into that wax. It will come off really easily as most of it is liquefied and floating around the hot water. Warning, be careful as the jar will probably become really hot as well, so use either a tea towel or cooking gloves to hold it in place. 

When you feel like you've scraped off the majority of the wax, pour it all away, wash out the remaining wax and any stains away with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and it's done! 

I use these little cute jars to store things like my sanitary products (cotton pads, cotton buds) or any other tiny nick-nacks you want to keep safe like ear studs or hair pins.


  1. You wouldn't believe the amount of cute glass jars etc that i've never know what to do with once the candle burnt so low. I never through them away they just around the house, when I do try to remove the wax its a mess. Honestly not sure why I never though of this! Thanks M! x

    1. Learn something new every day! :) x


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