How to stay motivated for gym when you hate it

Let me give you a bit of an insight into my relationship with exercising. I hate it, simple as that. I was always that girl in the sports room that didn't want to do anything and always finished last when we had our endurance run at the end of each school year. I did go to gym quite often during my year in uni, but it was never a big part of my routine. More like my friends made me go for the company. 

One of my goals for 2016 (yes, goals, not resolutions!) is to go to the gym. And by going I mean actually incorporate it into my daily life and slap my hand when I skip a day because I'm feeling lazy or it's too cold outside. Here are some tips for you gym haters out there on how to stay on the right track and be motivated for a daily work out.

I don't like to be pushed and told what to do, but when it comes to gym, a buddy is a massive necessity! I go together with my friend Georgina or my boyfriend and knowing the fact that they expect me to go is enough. Me and Georgina motivate each other to go on those gloomy busy work days when all you want to do is sleep and eat. 

Have a look at the classes that your local gym provides. It's a set workout and you won't be able to be lazy and just sit down for 5 minutes as the trainer will keep you motivated and somewhat scared. 

Since setting myself this new gymming goal, I have discovered loads of fitness blogs and YouTube channels. My favourite is Rachel Aust. She does some great exercising videos that help me build up my own gym routine. By creating your own bespoke routine, you guarantee that the workout will be productive and effective. Research is key.

I know that a lot of us are reluctant to go to the gym because of what others might think. I have chubby legs and a belly, so I do have the same concern. What makes me feel more confident is comfortable and stylish gym clothes. It seems like a silly thing to mention, but it will make a difference to how you feel and might even motivate you to go for a run. Gym style is important too!

Let me know if you have any suggestions how to stay motivated! 

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