Cruelty FREE shopping tips

A few weeks ago I featured some of my cruelty free favourites. I started switching to cruelty free products only about 6 months ago and have a concise yet effective list of tips that might help you on this cruelty free journey. 

A true lifesaver has been a list of cruelty free and vegan companies on Logical Harmony. Tashina has put together an enormous list which consists of 3 sections - Cruelty Free, Gray Area and Brands to Avoid. This list is available on mobile as well, so if you're in a shop and can't decide whether this brand is cruelty free or not, Tashina's list is there to help! Also, you can always google it! 

I wanted to order Bed Head shampoos, but couldn't find any relevant or up to date information about their policy on animal testing. The best idea in these kind of situations is to contact the company. If their email is not transparent enough, they don't answer your question or it just seems too good to be true, it probably isn't. 

My newest find has been Is it Vegan? app. The idea is fairly simple, scan the bar code of the product and it will bring up any ingredients that might be from the animal kingdom. Then the app will tell you if it's vegetarian, vegan or not suitable. 

Hope some of you that are either thinking about going cruelty free or already are find this post helpful! Do you have any tips?

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