Current cruelty FREE favourites

I am a creature of habit when it comes to my makeup stash. I tend to use the same blush or bronzer until there is nothing left. If I managed to find something I like, I am sticking to it! This changed quite a bit since I decided to go cruelty free. After a bit of investigation and research I realised that more than half of my makeup was not cruelty free and this had to change. 

Believe it or not, I have managed to find a few cruelty favourites already! I thought it could be a good idea to share them with you.

First item that popped into my mind was Creamy Concealer by NARS. It was hella expensive, but hella worth it! It glides on smoothly, blends easily and really brightens up my under eye area. I tend to use it for redness around my nose and chin as well. 

I've been struggling with my hair for a few months now. It got really dry and my scalp was drained from all the natural moisture, so it became very irritated. A true miracle worker was Maria Nila Repair shampoo and conditioner. These are totally vegan products and gave my hair it's shine and health back! I did a little write up about one her masks here.

I am a big advocate of fleeky eyebrows. My favourite eyebrow product of all time is Sleek Brow Kit in Dark. It comes with a powder and a creamy pomade. I never used the powder as it was too ashy for me, but the creamy pomade is delish. It's easy to apply, lasts for ages and is really affordable. I featured it in my Dark Eye tutorial

Highlighter is probably my favourite makeup item. It makes you look healthy and glowy. My favourite is theBalm's Mary-Lou-Manizer as it is the perfect shade for my pale skin. It's super pigmented and can be used not only as a highlighter, but as an eyeshadow as well. The only problem with this product is that it's really fragile. I managed to smash mine up within 2 weeks, but I read that this has happened to loads of girlies.

Mascara and lipstick are my everyday staples. For work I prefer nude lipsticks, because they seem  more appropriate and won't look weird after munching on a bag of cashews. I always struggle finding the perfect nude shade as my lips are naturally really pigmented. Hoewver, Naked Beige from Soap & Glory is the best nude shade out there. It's really moisturising and has a really nice smooth texture.

Let me know what are your favourite products. Are you following the cruelly free way or sticking to what you know and love?

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