2.26.2016 glasses review

I was diagnosed with astigmatism a few months ago. Basically, I see everything in a slightly distorted way. Now, my astigmatism is not severe, it was caught early and the best cure for it is to wear glasses whenever I'm reading, driving (Oh, I wish!) and working in front of a computer for long hours.

I love glasses! I love the way they look on me and I've always had a thing for guys in glasses (even though my guy doesn't even have a pair of sunnies). The first pair I bought was by Specsavers. It's a lovely shape in a black and red ombre type frame, but seemed a bit to blah and boring for me.

I've been lusting for clear frame glasses a while now and finally found a pair that was perfect for me. I got Joseph Marc 4149 in Clear from! Together with the lenses I paid £55 and I got them exactly 7 days after the order was finalised. 

What I really liked about is their customer service. I dealt with the same lady (unfortunately, didn't get her name) both times I called and she was very helpful and explained everything to me as I've never bought prescription glasses online before. 

This model in particular seems to be very sturdy and sits well on my nose. These glasses came in a really cool red case with a cloth and a tiny screwdriver to tighten up any loose screws. Brilliant, eh? Definitely suggest you to check them out, 10/10!

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