My experience with Detox Teas

Let me start by saying that I am a big lover of tea. I have an ever-growing collection of teapots and it's my favourite way of relaxing after a long day. 
Since May 2015 I have been struggling with my weight. Mainly because of my huge love for bread and chocolate, but the change of my birth control affected it as well. I always want a quick fix to my problems and want to see results within a day. Otherwise I think it's not working and my motivation levels drop drastically. 
A few months ago I got a voucher for Thin Tea Teatox. Of course I turned to internet for advice. After watching loads of videos on how it helped with skin, bloated belly and guaranteed a bit of weight loss, I gave in and ordered 14 day program. Surprise, surprise, it didn't work at all. I didn't do the whole 14 days, but even after the first week I didn't feel any different. At least they tasted nice!
After the miserable fail with Thin Tea, my colleague Izzy suggested Slimming Solutions teas. One of her friends managed to lose about 30 kg and they were on offer at that time. I had a real life testimony that it's working, it was on offer and Izzy was really convincing. We both got 2 week teatox and hoped for the best. I got exactly the same result like before with Thin Tea, but once again I wasn't as religious with it because I have the memory of a gold fish and kept forgetting to drink my evening tea. 
I've mentioned Rachel Aust in a previous post, but this girl is a legend. Before you try any teatox, please watch her video where she explained what a massive scam these teas are and all they do is ruin your body. 
Fast forward 3 months, I am going to the gym 4 times a week, eating healthy vegetarian diet, try to cut out any kind of refined sugars and I already feel like I've lost some weight around my belly and face. I now understand that looking good and being healthy takes time and no fast fix will last. 
If you're anything like me, see this post for some motivational tips how to stay on the track and actually go to the gym.


  1. I've always wondered if detox teas work! I'm a little skeptical because I believe it takes hard work to get the body & level of fitness that you want. I'm glad that you're making great progress on your health and I do hope things keep going uphill from here!

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

    1. Don't even waste your time on them! Gym and healthy diet is the best and most effective way to a better life ! :) Thanks for your comment Liyana! x

  2. Man arī tās tējas vienmēr likušās aizdomīgas, īpaši ņemot vērā, cik aktīvi viņi reklamējas ar Instagram modelēm un tamlīdzīgi :)


    1. Tieši tā! Diemžēl, biju naiva un iekritu viņu slazdā. Vismaz labi, ka ne uz ilgu laiku! :) Paldies par komentāru! x


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