What I learned after my first month in a Cosmetic Course

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Since mid February I've been attending Cosmetic Course in Bristol College mainly to learn how to apply makeup on others. Whenever I do makeup on my friends, I make them look like myself, but I wanted to learn how to enhance someone else's features and hide little imperfections.

I never thought that a very basic course can teach me so much and actually be very helpful! So here are a few things that I learned and wanted to share with you!

Believe it or not, Moisturiser doesn't actually moisturise your skin. I was so surprised, my whole life has been a lie! To balance your pH level it's better to use a good toner, moisturiser is just a barrier between your skin and makeup. It acts more as a protector rather than a moisturiser. If you want to improve your skin opt for serums and a good toner.

Double concealing or corrective concealing is the best thing I've learned so far. I used to have a NYX green concealer, but had no idea what to do with it. All you need to do is concentrate the most coverage on the redness you want to conceal, blend out the edges and cover up the rest of the green concealer with a regular concealer. I've been doing this every day and it has changed my life! I wear less foundation and don't have to cake it around my problematic areas anymore.

I always thought that makeup wipes are sent to us by Gods, but what they actually do is smear the makeup around your skin rather than remove it. It's important to always double cleanse! Yes, always, every evening, every time you wear makeup or don't. Double cleansing will help reduce any break outs and make the condition of you skin so much smoother and healthier!

My friend Kirsten wrote a post for This is Simply Me about her experience with Makeup Classes, so check it out! 

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