5 differences between me Then and Now

On Wednesday I turned 24 and I'm just 363 days away of being officially labelled as a woman in her mid twenties. Yes, mid twenties seems a bit surreal, but it's happening and it's happening now. I've always liked Then and Now feature on Timehop, so I wanted to write a post with the same kind of feel - me when I was 20 and me now.

As a 20 year old I loved meat. Medium rare steak was my favourite meal. Nowadays I'm a vegetarian which is kinda mind-blowing when I think about it. I grew up in a Northen country and my mum would always say that we were made to eat meat, but after educating myself more I decided that it's not the right path for me. I love animals, I love our wonderful Earth and I want to make a difference even if it means I can never have steak again.

After 1 year in uni I had to drop out and I convinced myself that education is not for me and it's nothing but waste of time and money. I'm currently enrolled in a Beauty Level 2 course in the Bristol College and I couldn't be happier! It is a lot of effort and takes up most of my weekends and some weekday evenings, but it's all gonna be worth it when I slay everyone with my fantastic makeup skills! Education is the way forward and I wish I realised it sooner.

I consider myself a feminist, I believe that one day we will all be seen as equals and double standards will be just a funny anecdote. However, when I was 20 I thought feminist are man hating lesbians and didn't want to be associated with this movement. Oh boy, what a little naive child I was!

Now something a bit more superficial! I used to hate lipsticks and associated red lippie with girls that seek attention for the wrong reasons. Now I own not only 4 red lipsticks, but also a blue, gold, black purple and even a white one! I feel more empowered, confident and strong when rocking the weirdest lipstick shades.

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  1. Sveicieni dzimšanas dienā! Interesanti lasīt par to, kas mainījies - viss uz labo pusi :)

    Man pēc divām nedēļām apritēs 25, un man ir savādas sajūtas par to, jo tas šķiet pirmais "nopietnais" vecums.


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