How to eat out whilst being a Vegetarian

I wish I did some research about vegetarianism before I decided to say 'no' to fish and meat. Being a vegetarian and eating out is not as easy as you think! Most restaurants offer 3 veggie dishes and that's only if you're lucky! So, here is what I've learned since becoming a vegetarian and how to make the whole experience more comfortable for you and your companions. 

Have a look at the sides dishes on the menu. Every single place offers 5 or more side dishes and most of them are vegetarian! This is one of my favourite ways of eating out because I adore Spanish tapas restaurants. There is something so precious about little portions of food on little plates. Also, it might work out to be cheaper than getting a main meal.

Before going anywhere for a meal, I like to do a bit of research and have a look at their menu. That way I won't be disappointed of the choices available and can let my friends know beforehand if there is nothing suitable for me rather than ruining everyone's evening when we get there. Learn from my mistakes, chicks! 

Being vegetarian and vegan is so easy these days! Most restaurants can cater to any kind of diet, so it's never a problem to ask if they can prepare a veggie option of some of the dishes on the menu. Don't be shy and just ask.

Do you have any other tips that might be helpful? I'm still a novice, but you learn something new every day! 


  1. I remember one meal I went out for and it was a Sunday roast. The choice I had was a roast with no meat or a ricotta cheese 'thing' I opted for the roast with out the meat and I did enjoy it although asking if the gravy is veggie and are the potato's cooked in fat in a small village pub didn't delight the owner and I can't be sure what I got was all veggie but like anything that's cooked out of the home, you never truly what is in it. love your tips BTW. Same things I do. Keep up the posts. X

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      It is hard when it comes to small independent places, that is true! Lesson to us all, eat at home and save money! ahah

  2. The struggle is real!
    But these are all great tips :)

    Vivi //


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