Samsung NX Mini Review

As you might know, I have a YouTube account where I post loads of random videos. My favourite to make are travel diaries, but my Nikon D5100 seemed too heavy and big, therefore, really uncomfortable to carry around for a simple travelling vlog! 

After a bit of research I settled for Samsun NX Mini in White with 9mm focus lens. Yes, it's lightweight, pretty and has a flip screen - everything I could've dreamed off! 
Pictures for this and this blog post were taken with Samsung NX Mini camera. For video example please see my Edinburgh vlog here.

Overall, I'm super happy with my purchase! If you're an amateur like me and want something a bit smaller than a DSLR, this is the camera to go for. It's one of those cameras you can throw in to your purse and get out when something exciting is about to happen.  

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