Spring Lipsticks

I love makeup. I love lipsticks the most! I have a whole box dedicated to my lipsticks, lip glosses and pencils. Spring time is my favourite time to experiment with different kind of lipstick shades - ranging from nudes to neons. It was a about time I made a lippie video, but I wanted to be in some way informative as well.

And here you go - my go to spring lipsticks! 


  1. Depravity was so unique! I loved it. Have you ever tried Macs 'hue' ? It's one I'm thinking about getting.

    Alisha x

  2. Hi Alisha, thanks for you comment! I don't actually buy from Mac as they do test on animals. :) But it is a lovely shade, not gonna lie! ahah x

  3. Love this! I think it's great you do solely cruelty free. I have so much MAC but I've been trying to destash and thinking about switching to more cruelty free once that happens! But your video is awesome. IDK if it's because you have like big perfect lips but they almost remind me of Grav3yardgirl's (or maybe it's the blue eyes?)


    1. Hiya hun!

      I still have some Mac all time favourites left (Like Heroine) and I'm actually trying to find good alternatives in the cruelty free world. It takes time and patience for sure.

      Thanks for the comment, Bunny is an absolute legend! I'm sure these colours will look great on any shape of lips. Just rock it with confidence! ;)


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