Wardrobe Spring Cleaning

I do own way too many clothes, so every once in a while I go through my wardrobe (more like half broken clothing rail) and have a massive clear out. What's the point of keeping unworn, unwanted clothes if someone else could appreciate them more? Here are some of my tips how to make this process a bit easier and less painful.

If it doesn't fit, it goes! No point to cling on those 10 year old jeans that will probably never ever fit anyway! I am guilty of this one, I used to keep old skirts and jeans for years with high hopes that they will fit me again one day. But my body and style has changed, so there is no point to keep them. 

We all have that one t-shirt that is probably the comfiest shirt you've ever bought, but it's totally worn out and has massive sweat marks. Bin it, bin it now! Don't waste precious space on worn out and old items that have lost their shape. You will find plenty of other comfy white shirts to fill the space with. And let's face it, who wants a nasty pit stain anyway?

Whenever I go through my dresses, I always try to think when was the last time I wore them. If I cant remember, it's time to say bye bye. Don't keep clothes because you think you might wear them one day. Most of the time, it never happens because you have other items you prefer more. Once again, someone will have better use for them!

Now a tricky on - sentimental items. I know this might seem super hard, but try to keep clothes that you know you'll wear again. I still have my graduation dress from 2011, but I've worn it a few times since then and even lent it to my bezzie Sindija. If they are practical, why not? If they are there to look at every once in a blue moon and take up more space, why yes?


  1. I've got the same logic - if it doesn't fit I throw it away & I also throw ones away that I haven't been using for year or longer, because if I haven't been wearing them last than a year ago, what would make me to wear them tomorrow hahah:D

    <3: Jasmin N |

    1. Yaaaas, I'm glad that there is someone like me out there! ahah


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