My #IAMFREEDOM Signature Look

Somehow randomly I stumbled upon #IAMFREEDOM makeup artist contest and knew I had to enter! 

The first challenge was to create our signature look. I wasn't sure whether to do dark eyes or dark lips, but after a brief consultation with Ryan, we decided that dark lips is ma thang ya know. 

Only 30 contestants will be selected for the next challenge and I am going to give my soul to the Devil, so one of those slots is mine! This is such an amazing opportunity for us little makeup artists that are just starting in this big world of beauty. 

Here is my signature look and let me know what you think!


  1. I love this look! Not to mention you are totally rocking that highlight and purple lip!

    Best of luck, girl! Kick ass!

    Molly // Growing Up Molly

    1. Aw thanks babe! I was actually scared that no one can see the actual highlight! a haha x


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