Zpalette Dupe

Depotting pan products is easy, convenient and space efficient, something I discovered when I first received my beauty school kit a couple of months ago. Initially, I was overwhelmed — not only by the amount of makeup I got for £130, but also by just how much space that mother plucker took up! It made perfect sense for me to invest in a few magnetic palettes and depot the hell out of them, so that's exactly what I did.
Now, as you'll probably know, I'm always searching for a bargain, and my depotting mission would be no different. With the original Zpalette proving just a little too costly, I turned to my loyal friend Ebay for a brand-less, yet solid alternative. 
I opted for the largest size of a dirt-cheap duplicate, and ordered two palettes costing me a mere £22 in total. Now, they don't come with magnets to attach to the actual pan, so I searched for self-adhesive magnets on Ebay, and my old friend didn't let me down — they worked like a charm. 
I use one palette for my eye makeup and the other one for blush and pan lipsticks. These are so much more convenient and also incredibly handy! It's so much easier to have everything in one place than rampage through tons of single shadows. 
Unfortunately, I don't have the actual link where I got my palettes from. Simply search Magnetic Palette and you should see a few options pop up, though.
You can find video tutorials on how to depot pans from the packaging here and here. Hopefully you find it useful, and happy depotting! 

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