Red Brows

Not that long ago I did a video on how to rock colourful eyebrows. It was so fun to create and I really, really, I mean REALLY liked the way it looked. I probably won't wear it outside of my 4 walls anytime soon as my boyf would disown me. Nonetheless, I wanted to play with more colours and this is how I came up with the Red Brow look.

I used my Sleek Matte Me lipstick in Roija Red for the eyebrows. I wanted to create a contrasting look - switching the brown I would usually use for my brows and the pink that I sometimes use as an eye shadow. I wanted to add an extra pink by coating my lashes in the Sleek lipstick as well, but as you can see it didn't really work, so I ended up smudging the colour on my lower lash line. 

Here comes a tip - never, ever use liquid lipstick on your lash line. It was pain to get off, it was super drying and my eyes were so irritated, I looked like I've been crying for days. But eh, learn something new every day!

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