Soap Eyebrows

First my blue eyebrow video, than red and now this! I am clearly obsessed with eyebrows, but in the best way possible. Eyebrows frame your face and depending on what you do with them (fill in, leave as it is, brush through) they can drastically change your appearance. 

I watched Pixiwoo video a few weeks ago and really wanted to try this soap eyebrow look myself. The technique itself is pretty straight forward and I had a spare Friday evening.

All you need is a mascara spoolie and soap. Brush the spoolie on the bar of soap and apply it to your brow hairs brushing upwards. This gives fuller brows without the need of filling them in. However, my brows are so light and patchy that I felt like I needed a few strokes of my ABH pomade to fill in the missing hairs. My buddy Kirsten told me that whilst it makes your brows look naturally fuller, the soap can irritate the skin.

What do you think? Would you use this technique for every day and throw all your pomades and brow products away? I personally lololooove this look, so might be rocking it this weekend. Who knows!

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