Beauty on the Go

Let's face it ladies and gents, not a single makeup product out there will last you all day. That foundation that promises you 16 h coverage - lies. That liquid lipstick that will survive your lunch break - more lies. That eye shadow that won't crease for 24 hours - bullshit. This is why we have our little stash of makeup that we carry around for occasional touch up. Today I will share with you my favourite on the go beauty products.

This is a no brainer really. One Heck of a Blot by Soap and Glory is probably one of the most expensive powders I've ever owned, but it's totally worth it. It's a compact powder, so won't spill in your bag and in addition has an amazing mirror so you can actually see what you're doing. It's long lasting and blurs out all the imperfections that I might have. 

I'll be totally honest. As much as I love lipsticks, I don't tend to wear them on weekdays. It's just too much of a hassle and I'm not really bothered with my makeup if I'm going to sit in front of the computer for like 1000 hours. Therefore, this Dr Organic coconut oil lip balm is my favourite. It's moisturizing and has a lovely smell. 

After I've powdered the crap out of my face, it's time to add back some colour. For this I just looove to use my Revolution Baked Bronzer in Ready to Go. I'm a pale gyal, so this shade is perfect for me as it is quite gentle but can be buildable for a darker complexion. It glides on easily and gives a lovely sheen to my cheeks. It's a baked product after all.

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