Four Things Tag

Saw this on Jasmines blog the other week and had to do it! Simple yet entertaining tag.

Four places I've lived in
Riga, Latvia
Jurmala, Latvia
Kolding, Denmark
Bristol, United Kingdom

Four places I've worked in
Receptionist at Raddisson Hotel
Marketing Manager at Ponana Club
Assistant Manager at Revolution Bar
Sales at Trinity Mirror

Four songs I'm listening at the moment
Sorry by Beyonce
Company by Justin Bieber
Anything from the Smiths
Controlla by Drake

Four places I've traveled to
Berlin, Germany
Nice, France
Brussels, Belgium
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Four Dishes I like
Sweet Potato Fries
Veggie Pad Thai
Chow Main Stir Fry

Four drinks I like
Chocolate Coconut milk
Chia Tea
Strawberry beer

What do you guys think? I tag anyone to do this, but especially Nishi, Lauren and Katy!

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