Jeffree Star Lipsticks - Worth the Hype?

I got my first batch of JS liquid lipsticks a few months ago on one of his huuuge restocks, which are never that huge. Restocking two or just one lipstick is not huge in my vocabulary, but oh well. It took me 5 emails and endless Tweets to get my complaint heard as it took me more than a month to receive my lipsticks! All they could say is that they were lost in transit. Needless to say, I was very unhappy chappy. Not only they cost me more than £60, but some of the shades I got were sold out within minutes. 

A few weeks ago I was in a really shitty mood and wanted to make myself feel better by spending the money I don't have on more makeup I don't need. Somehow I ended up on his website ordering 3 more lipsticks. I gave his company another chance and it paid off. I got them within 10 days, however, had to pay £16 VAT on top.

Posh Spice  - Unicorn Blood - Celebrity Skin
Gemini - Blow Pony - Dominatrix

Now actual lipsticks. They are literally the best liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. They are not drying, colour payoff is amazing and they last though food and drink. You know that horrible crumbling some lipsticks do after a sip of water? These babies don't crumble at all. They are smooth, easy to apply (probably the best applicator I've ever seen) and smell really nice too. 

Celebrity Skin is the only light nude shade that suits me! I've tried so many, but they just wash me out and I look a bit dead. My favourite, however, is going to be Abused. I am in love with dark lips and this shade is perfect for me and my skin tone.

Are these worth the hype? Yes they are for sure. Are they worth all the hassle with the customs, customer service, lost packages? No they are not. As you can see from my experience, the company is quite inconsistent and their customer service team is really unhelpful.

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