My Top 5 Lush Products

I must admit, I was never a fan of Lush products. I thought they are over priced, the smell made me dizzy and their sales assistants were (to be honest still are) very pushy. Eventually, I gave in and purchased my first ever bubble bar. I was hooked straight away.

Lush are completely cruelty free and most of their products are vegan! They have everything starting from foot care ending with makeup. Here are my Top 5 products from their range.

Let's start with my first ever purchase from their shop - The Comforter Bubble Bar. It has a very sweet berry scent and creates the nicest foamy bubbles that don't dissolve instantly. It's perfect for a pamper evening and the scent makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable, like the name suggests. Who can say no to a pink bubble bath?

Brightside is another bubble bar that is a total must for me. It's has a citrus scent and makes the whole bathroom smell like sunshine.

For a while my skin felt really dull and dehydrated. I've been using 99p masks for ages and while they are great for quick fix, I needed something more permanent. I chose Cup O' Coffee face and body masks. Even though I'm not a fan of coffee, this masks smells amazing! Caffeine perks my skin up and gives it that fresh and healthy feeling I've missed. It's also a great exfoliant.

Eu Roma Water is the reason why my skin has been so great. It's the best, most natural tonic water you could ask for.It has mositurising abilities and rose water helps to retain it.  I use it every day and purchased not only the big bottle, but also the travel size one so I can keep it in my bag for an on the go refreshing dose. 

I'll be honest, when it comes to body care, I'm pretty rubbish. I always forget to use a moisturiser. I will only remember to apply a lotion if it smells nice, so I had to get Sympathy for the Skin. It consists of bananas and cocoa powder and I walk around smelling like banana chocolate brownie. I ain't even mad! It's a light weight lotion and sinks into the skin quickly, leaving the surface silky smooth. 

What are your favourite products from Lush? 

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