What to expect from 1st massage appointment

Last week I Tweeted asking you guys if I should write a post about my first ever massage appointment and what to expect! Whooping 80% of you said heck yes, so here are my thoughts on the massage I received last Thursday.

Just a bit of information, Last time I went to a professional masseur was maybe 15 years ago and I can't remember it. I have a bit of stiffness in my shoulders and pain in lower back, but no other issues with my spine, bones or back. I found a Groupon voucher for £12 and couldn't resist. So if you need to get those knots out of your shoulders, here is what you should be expecting.

It's going to hurt. I asked her to concentrate on my lower back and shoulders and damn she did! I felt a lot of pressure and even tiny bit of pain, but after that I felt so refreshed and my shoulders felt much lighter and less tense. I was aching a bit 2 days later, but it wasn't anything unbearable. I knew it will go away.

This brings me to the second advice - if it hurts too much, let them know! At first I was a bit embarrassed and scared to tell my masseur that some of her movements weren't that pleasant. She did ask me as soon as she started if I feel comfortable and if it's enough of pressure, but I chickened out. A few minutes in I couldn't bare it and had to ask her to handle me a bit more lightly. 

Wear something loose fitting and you're not too fond of. The massage oils will get everywhere and don't make the same mistake as me! I wore a velvet dress and a sports bra and had to take everything off. Wear something loose fitting and also a normal bra with a clasp, so the masseur can simply open it and continue with the procedure. 

My last advice would be to do this as often as you can or you feel you need! I always carry a lot of tension in my shoulders that can result in either back pain or unpleasant headaches. Find a SPA, Yoga Centre that you like, find a masseur that you trust and treat yourself from time to time. You'll thank me later. 

Do you have any experience with massages? Are there any other tips you could add to this list? 

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