3 Lazy Halloween Looks

I can't believe that it's the end of October already. This can mean only one thing - Halloween. Indeed, the scariest day of the year is upon us and it's time to find the best, the most outgoing and the scariest outfit out there. But what if you're like me and don't find it all that appealing?

I'm not a fan of Halloween and all things spooky. I can never sit through a scary movie and I wish zombies were never invented. I feel like Halloween puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on me and I simply hate fake blood. However, I need to adapt and participate, no one wants to be a party pooper. Throughout the years I have found simple solutions to my outfit nightmare and wanted to share them with you.

The first and easiest would be to dress up as a celebrity. Whether you want to be Kim Kardashian, Bob Dylan or even Tom Hanks, all you will need is a wig, appropriate costume ( have loads available) or any of your own clothes that are the closest to the celebrities attire. A swipe of makeup and you're done. Go the extra mile and be a dead celebrity - whiten out your skin and darken the under eye area with some grey undertone eyeshadow. 

If the first option is still too much effort here is another even easier solution - face masks! Literally any face mask you find will be good enough. You haven't sold your soul to the devil and went all out with a costume, face paints and fake fangs, but you did make a little tiny bit of an effort and found a mask. This way your friends can't complain and you're avoiding the party pooper crown.

Last but not least, my favourite is drenching my face and even body in fake blood. Fake blood everything, be a dead person, be whatever you want but as long as you have some fake blood on you, you are dead and therefore it's a legit Halloween costume! For reference, see blog post pictures above. All I did was add white face paint to my foundation, use grey toned eyeshadow for contouring and, yes you know it, fake blooded it!

So, let me know what you think! Do you have any other suggestions? I might just skip Halloween this year, who knows…


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