Gradual Lotion by Sunkissed

The summer has ended and I can confirm that my summer tan has disappeared with it. I've been using different tanning lotions in the past, but since switching to Cruelty Free life I haven't found one that hits the spot. I've tried Palmers lotion, but it was too patchy and streaky, so I just ditched the idea of bronzed skin completely. 

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely team from Sunkissed. It's like they new I was looking at fake tanning options the day before. They offered me one of their gradual tanning lotions to try out. Here are my thoughts and my experience with this product.

On the first application I noticed the amazing smell it has. It's like a sweet scent that reminds me of a chocolate cake. It has a very thick consistency and a little goes a long way which I learned the hard way with my left leg coated in a thick layer of this lotion. I had to scrape it off and try to distribute evenly across other parts of my pale body.

Next morning the smell of tanning lotions was there. You know that not so pleasant smell that every single bronzing and tanning lotion has? Needless to say, I'm not a fan of this scent. However, my skin did have a slight tan. Unfortunately, it was patchy in some places.

Here is my verdict. This tanning lotion would be ideal for someone who wants a slightly bronzed look rather than a full on tan. It's ideal for a newbie like me. It's also really moisturising and left my skin feeling nice and smooth like my regular body lotion, which I didn't expect at all. Make sure you use small amounts and properly rub them in, so you avoid waking up all patchy.

What are your favourite tanning products?

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