My favourite blog posts from 2016

Happy 2017 everybody!

I know I've been a little absent, but I'm back. To be quite honest, I was ready to give up blogging... yes, I said it. I felt like YouTube is a bit more interesting and I've always enjoyed editing.

Maintaining a blog with two posts per week and a YouTube channel seemed a tad impossible. However, I've thought it true and decided to stay. This blog is the beginning of my social media/makeup love journey and I can't just leave it. Besides, I've spent loads of time and effort on this freaking layout!

For the first post of the year I've decided to look back. How original. However, I feel it's important to look back, see what worked and what didn't. See what you've achieved and what you want to accomplish this year. Here is a list of my favourite blog posts from 2016.

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