#100 days of Instagram challenge update

My Top 6 Looks so far!

I have never been very consistent when it comes to my blog, social media or YouTube. I saw the beginning of 2017 as an opportunity to kick myself in the butt and actually do what I love most and practice my makeup skills and grow my blog/YouTube. The best way to do it was by setting myself a few challenges. The first one I've started was 100 Days of Makeup challenge on my Instagram

Believe it or not, but I did post 41 days in the row with a different makeup look or a throwback on a lazier day. Unfortunately. the chain broke last night when I totally forgot about it and instead enjoyed a few G&Ts with my friends. Naughty, I know!

It's not as hard as I thought it will be. There are days when I am unprepared, but then again even #MOTD counts! I rarely wear the same makeup twice (except work), so it wasn't and isn't as hard as I imagined. I still have 59 days to go, so let's see how I feel about it when I hit the big 100! 

Have you set yourself any challenges for 2017 related to your blog or hobby?

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