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A few weeks ago I got in touch with Anatomicals and they kindly offered to send me over a few of their products to try out. Now, if you follow me on Twitter you would know that I was moving last week, so I asked them to send the package to my friend Georgia's house. Long story short, we got really confused which stuff was for who, so we decided to divide it fairly. This is what I got to try and this is my honest opinion about them.

Never Loose Your Cherry lip balm
Not what I expected at all. This feels more like a lipgloss than a lip balm. It doesn't give you that nice moisturised feeling that you want with dry AF lips like mine. It smells nice, feels alright, but doesn't really do what what it says or what I expected. I've been using it for a week now every night before bed and haven't felt any difference in my lips. It's very sticky and just not pleasant at all. I would wear it over lipstick if I wanted a very glossy look.

We'll Cool You Again Later facial spray
Totally forgot to take a photo of this spray! I love the smell of this as well as the nice cooling sensation it gives, however, the way it sprays is too damn thick! It's not like a nice mist that you can use to cool down during the day or refresh your makeup with. I like the product inside, but the spray is way too wet for me.

Look, You've Got Chocolate All Over Your Face anti-stress face mask
With all the moving and working, it's pretty obvious I was really stressed. This mask was pretty much godsend! It has a wonderful chocolate smell and nice creamy consistency. I don't really know what skin care benefits this masks has, but it sure did feel very relaxing and luxurious.

Hawaii Five-Glow hydrating face mask
Another mask with an amazing scent. It has exactly the same consistency as the anti-stress mask, but has more of a tropical scent. It actually felt like it's doing something to my skin. It dried down nearly clear and was really easy to remove. My skin felt super smooth and over all happy. This would be the perfect mask when you're skin is feeling a little tight and tired.

The Buff Stuff body scrub
I'm not a big scrub person, but I was intrigued about The Buff Stuff and wanted to give it a go. It has a very nice citrusy scent and big exfoliating grains. It was gentle enough on my skin whilst doing the job it's supposed to do. Whenever I use a body scrub, my skin goes super red and it takes a while for it to calm down. Surprisingly, it didn't happen with this bad boy. I am confident to say that it would even be suitable for sensitive skin. And the smell, you'll simply love it!

Get Outta Mu Face Dirtball face scrub
Sundays are my facial days whether it's a nice mask, mini facial massage or exfoliator. I knew it's time to give this one a go. I am so in love with this exfoliator. The smell is amazing (like all of their products really), the texture is very nice and soft and the beads in it are not too rough. My skin felt very soft and I was actually pleasantly surprised. This one will definitely go on to my 'To purchase' list.

I don't really suffer with blemishes, so decided not to risk it and leave the anti-blemish mask for another time. Over all, I think this brand is good for the price range. Yes, some of the products were quite disappointing, but some of them I did truly enjoy. I would say that their face masks are one of the nicest masks I've tried in a while and would totally repurchase again. About the rest of them, not too sure. They just feel too gimmicky and pointless really.

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy review. Have you ever tried any of Anatomicals products? Let me know in the comments down below.

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