Gender Equality and Makeup

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I was actually prompted to write this post by a tweet I saw where a girl saw boys buying makeup at her local makeup store and it made her really happy.

In the modern age makeup has always been something for women and strictly forbidden for men. With an exception, of course, if you work for TV or theatre. But times have changed and the society is more accepting of men wearing makeup then ever. 

I'm currently reading Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge and she actually covers quite a lot of makeup history. Originally, makeup was worn by men and women. Exactly, both genders. It was a way of showing off your social status and ranking as makeup was really expensive and hard to find. It was a norm to have lead powder and really exaggerated rouge for high ranking ladies as well as gentleman. 

After World War the society changed. As always, war changes people and suddenly a man with blusher and pinky pout didn't seem as manly or appropriate. Makeup was strictly worn by women only and was marketed to attract a female consumer. 

So, now after this little insight into the history of makeup you know that makeup wasn't always for us ladies. I am glad that society now is a bit more fluid and acceptable of a man doing and wearing makeup. It's a form of art, way of expressing yourself and it shouldn't matter what's in your pants. 

And read the book mentioned above, it's worth it.

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