The Body Shop Complete Eye Brush Kit review

Back in Latvia Body Shop was my favourite shop to browse for makeup brushes. I still have their old blending brush and it has stayed in the same shape for about 9 years. Quality right? 

After moving to the UK, it got easier to get access of cheaper brushes, Ebay shipping costs were much more reasonable and I completely forgot about The Body Shop range. 

About a month or so ago I decided to venture to their shop and noticed their new makeup brush sets. I've been on a mission to find the perfect blending brush and having such an amazing experience with their products before, I thought… why not?

These are synthetic brushes that are cruelty free and actually have the bunny logo on the packaging. This made my little heart very happy. In the set you get four different brushes that are enough to create any look. I would've actually preferred if the Shader Brush would've been replaced with a flat eyeshadow brush to pack on colour easier. 

The Blender Brush is the perfect brush and I've been looking for it everywhere! It's soft, but dense enough to place colour into my tiny crease and blend it when necessary. Can you sense the love?

Over all, the brushes are really good quality, they feel sturdy and will last me ages. The bristles are soft and not scratchy at all. It's the perfect starter kit, just add a flat brush and you're ready to go. 

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