Favourite Cruelty Free lashes

Nouveau Lashes in Natural 3

These are probably the most comfortable lashes I have ever worn. The band is super thin and somehow really flexible, therefore, easy to apply and they feel like nothing. You know those annoying lashes that you can actually see and they weigh down the whole eyelid? Nouveau Lashes don't do that! Also, these are super affordable. Even though they do loads of different styles, my faves are Natural 3.

Aether Lashes in Freya 

I've been obsessing over these lashes for absolutely ages, but as it's an American brand and shipping/tax costs are ridiculous, I never actually purchased from them until now. They have been added to Logical Harmony and PETA list, so they did free international delivery to celebrate. Freya lashes are fantastic and look at that packaging! These are not the most comfortable lashes to wear, but they are definitely the most stunning fake mink lashes out there.

Eyelure Vegas Nay in Grand Glamor

I actually got these at Savers and it was an absolute bargain! These are the most obnoxious, fluffy lashes I own and I love them. They are very lightweight so they are super wearable. I love to wear them with dark lipstick and super easy and light eyeshadow on the lids. Also, they might look scary and big, but they are definitely dummy proof!

Nouveau Lashes Natural 3 / Aether Lashes Freya / Eyelure Vegas Nay Grand Glamor

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