Skeleton: Our Buried Bones exhibition review

Somehow the Gods were nice to me and I managed to book a whole week off during the heatwave. I wasn't about to just sit inside and dwell in my misery and drown in pool of sweat. No, I wanted to make it a fabulous week. So I made plans with Georgia to go to MShed and see their new exhibition called Skeletons: Our Buried Bones. And what an exhibition it was.

MShed is well known museum in Bristol. I like it because it's not a museum in the conventional way of thinking. It's very modern, informative and educational without being too 'smart' and boring. Skeletons: Our Buried Bones is one of their newest exhibitions available until September 2017 and it was Pay What You Think. Georgia and I felt really bad as we literally had no change on us, but really wanted to leave some money as we were so impressed by it. So my way of giving back is writing this post and sharing the love.

The concept is pretty simple and quite straight forward. It consists of 12 human remains, some of them dating back to the Bronze Age. If you follow me on Twitter you know that I'm a massive Bones fan, so seeing words like pelvis, vertebrae and skull fracture made me super excited. The exhibition tells you how they died, their life style choices as well as where they were found and how it looks now in the modern age. It was strange looking at real bones, real people. All I could think was that once these remains were walking on the same ground I am and breathing the same air, looking up at the same sky. 

My favourite part was the Lab. It was designed for kids, but I am very in touch with my inner child, so it was match made in heaven. Some very smart people in white jackets in multiple videos around the room tell you about bones, how to tell whether its a woman or a man in front of you, adult or a youngster and much more. Basically, consistent flow of information, but it was never too much or too smart. Made me feel like I was a part of CSI and it was brilliant. 

If you're in Bristol area and have a spare moment, definitely go check this exhibition out. It's very unique, informative and you might even learn a few things about your own body. 

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