JBL Flip Review

Hello, my name is Marta and I'm addicted to music.

If you know me in real life, you will know I literally can't stand silence. I always have to have some sort of a background noise. Whether it's my beloved show Bones or some sort of an iTunes playlist, something's always buzzing in the back.

I've had multiple speakers in my life and none of them could keep up with my lifestyle. Even Dr Dre Beats pill died on me after less than a year. I was desperate for a new speaker and I turned to JBL. I remember my nan had a JBL TV and it was the nicest little TV. After browsing a few review websites and JBL Flip speaker being on offer at Curry's, I gave in and got one for myself.

Without a doubt it's the best speaker I've owned. It's durable, very loud and the base line is just perfect. I must say I've now had a couple of pre drinking parties at my flat and once we even got a noise complaint. That's how good this speaker is.

I like the sleek design and how it's not too heavy, but not light either. I've dropped mine and Ryan's speaker a few times now and they are still in perfect condition. Actually the fact that Ryan got exactly the same speaker speaks a lot as he's such a picky buyer. I've even read that you can pair JBL speakers together through the Bluetooth setting and have a massive JBL Flip party! To be fair, we haven't had a reason as of yet to do it, but one day...

The battery lasts for about two days of constant music playing which is amazing for a portable speaker. The only annoying thing is that the quietest setting is not quiet enough for me. To be fair I feel like now I'm just being picky.

For the price I think this is a definite must have. I've taken it with me on festivals and holidays, literally can't imagine my life without my JBL Flip now.

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